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Gerald P. Richard II


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, Phoenix


Gerald P. Richard II, Esq., currently is  a member of the Department of Justice, Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) Collaborative Reform Initiative Team. He is a facilitator for the VALOR Program.  He served on the IIR Evaluation Team which focused on the Salinas, California police department. He recently served on the IIR After-Action Assessment Team for Ferguson, Missouri. He retired after serving as Assistant to the Chief of Police of the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department. He was responsible for overseeing the Phoenix Police Training Academy and the Employment Services Bureau as well as department leadership development and training. He was also responsible for implementing recommendations submitted by the Community Engagement and Outreach Task Force and community advisory boards, overall police and community relations, and legislative issues. Previously, Mr. Richard served the Arizona Attorney General’s Office as a Special Policy Advisor for Law Enforcement.