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Race Color & Citizenship

June 27, 2018 | Sheraton Grand Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, AZ

This panel explores a timely topic of the meaning of US citizenship.  At one point in US history, only free white persons and persons of African descent could be naturalized as US citizens.  Takoa Osaka and Bhagat Singh Thind were two individuals, one was of Japanese descent, and one was of Indian descent, but both applied for US citizenship by arguing that they were “free white persons”.  Do you know what happened??   During the first hour of the panel, we will re-enact the United Supreme Court case and remind attendees of this part of American history and why it is important to care about our rights as citizens.

This panel has received the “President’s Awards”, meaning that the State Bar President has recognized its significance and encouraged members to attend.

Please kindly help us with the following:

  • We are asking for voice talents to reenact the historic supreme court case “Osaka and Thind”.  Courtesy of AAABNY, our New York affiliate, who has obtained actual transcripts and historical documents and photos.  We can reenact Osaka and Thind’s legal journey with these historical records.
  • We have 27 roles to fill!  We need at least 20 volunteers to reenact the case and can easily use 30 volunteers.  If you can think of others that might be interested and willing to join us in this project let us know.
  • This is a significant undertaking, and we would need at least one practice and at least one “dress rehearsal” so we can coordinate audio visual with our reading of the transcript. You will NOT need to memorize the scripts. 


  • You get to stay for the whole panel. The second hour will include a US citizenship test, and the third hour will discuss the merit of birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment.
  • You can get up to six “teaching hours” CLE for helping to make this CLE a success.

Will you help us??

Please join us in re-enacting this piece of forgotten history.

Please contact Amanda Chua (achua@gillaw.com) or Jared Leung (jleung@davismiles.com) to sign up as a volunteer.  We hope to meet for the first time in early February. 
Thank you all very much!!  Amanda and Jared

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