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Fema - Equal Employment Specialist

FEMA is seeking talented, experienced men and women for the role of Equal Employment Specialist on the Investigative Team in the Office of Equal Rights (OER).  The Equal Employment Specialist will participate in the operations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints programs (both formal and informal) and will provide technical and program support for OER. This position is being announced under FEMA's Cadre of On-call Response/Recovery Employee (CORE) Program.  CORE employees serve a temporary appointment in the Excepted Service, not to exceed 2 years.  The Equal Employment Specialist position starts at a salary of $79,720.

Primary Position Duties Include:

  • Evaluating a full range of formal complaints of discrimination. Reviewing investigative reports submitted in connection with complaints and appeals in order to determine clarity of issues and completeness of factual information. Analyzing the complaint and related issues by reviewing all case material and investigative reports.
  • Gathering, analyzing, and evaluating documents for the purpose of preparing files for investigators, hearings, and information relating to appeal requests from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); initiating and following-through on other administrative requirements, such as a the review of directives and policies. Having comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the complaints tracking database.
  • Participating in liaison activities involving various administrative offices and functions such as Office of Component Chief Human Capital Officer, Office of Chief Counsel, Office of Financial Management, and other outside agencies such as EEOC, DOJ, or the Merit Systems Protection Board in carrying out various processes related to the EEO program.
  • Participating in significant personnel issues applying policies, practices and regulations as they apply to staffing, classification, employee and labor relations and employee development.
  • Applying EEO and Civil Rights laws (i.e., knowledge of 1964 Civil Rights Act, as amended), regulations, Executive Orders, procedures, court decisions, mandates to conduct legal research and analysis to provide solutions to problems.

TO APPLY: submit your resume to and include “Equal Employment Specialist” in the subject line OR apply online at

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